Bible Links

Bible Society
Bible Society Library at Cambridge University

American Bible Society

Vatican Library (wikipedia article)
Vatican Library website
New American Bible - full text of the NAB, in canonical order; from the official website of the USCCB.
New Revised Standard Version - text and notes of NRSV and other translations; from "Oremus Bible Browser"; index by chapters also provided by
Bible Gateway - allows concordance-style searches of the Bible in nineteen English versions (NIV, RSV, KJV, etc.) and many other modern languages.
Bible Study Tools - resources and searches over 30 English translations, incl. several not available elsewhere (NRSV, Douay-Rheims, etc.).
Blue Letter Bible - Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and eight English translations; excellent interlinear and comparative tools.
Five Gospels Parallels - allows side-by-side views of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas.
Online Greek Bible - enables viewing of the New Testament in several Greek fonts.
Greek New Testament - listen to the Westcott-Hort version of the Greek NT, with MP3 files.
New Testament Hyper-Concordance - easy word searches in English, from the Semantic Bible site

Bible Dictionary Links:
Harper's Bible Dictionary (1985)
Anchor Bible Dictionary (1992)
New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (2008)
Strong's Concordance (wikipedia article)
Preface to Strong's Concordance
Old and New Testaments with every word linked to Strong's Concordance
Look up Hebrew words in Strong's Concordance
Look up Greek words in Strong's Concordance
Several English versions of OT and NT with Greek and Hebrew words linked to Strong's Concordance
Strong's Concordance Online Searchable
Strong's Concordance online
Look up words in Strong's Concordance
Look up Greek words in Strong's Greek Dictionary
Download Strong's Greek Dictionary in XML form
Look up Greek Septuagint words in AB-Strong's Concordances
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